Media expo 2014 in New Delhi
The 22th Shanghai Int'l Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition
2013 Goldensign International awards ceremony concluded
Power supply and Pulse laser power supply introduce
THz QCL Hits Light Output Milestone
The collection of Puri 2013 new year wine party...
As laser machine manufacturer and distributor, how to choose CO2 laser tube?
The workshop of laser power and office environment in Puri ....
Puri moves to new address,the work shop space doubled...
The notice of how to do daily maintenance of laser tube...
The notice of technological upgrading for CO2 laser tube
Notice of how to replace the different diameter of laser tube
Puri moves to the new address in November 2012
In Dec, 2012,we decided to move from our factory Puxi district to Pudong district.
Puri launched the Second generation laser power successfully in Octo 2012.
Acquiring Shanghai Aoshi production facility and technology in Octo 2012...
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